Anaerobic capacities in kicking combat sports Croatian science fundation project

Key words:


The main aim of the project is to construct and validate a measuring instrument of good metric characteristics and with high applicability that will, in a quality way, describe the level of specific anaerobic capacities in kicking combat sports (taekwondo, karate, kickboxing). Due to the complexity of the problems regarding the object of research, and in case the newly constructed test does not show satisfactory metric characteristics, a secondary aim is set which entails revalidation and selection of one or more existing “non-specific” tests which will be proven appropriate for each sport after testing the metric characteristics. The project is designed as a research in duration of 36 months. For the purposes of realization of the aims set, the research will be conducted on a sample of 300 subjects minimum, divided into subsamples according to sport, gender and age category (cadets, juniors, seniors). The project consists of three phases. In the first phase a Web page and computer application will be created for: input, storage, reviewing and monitoring of subjects and results, and, based on a pilot study and previous findings, a certain number of the existing “non-specific” measuring instruments will be selected. In the second phase of the project data will be collected on anthropometric characteristics and the level of anaerobic capatities of the subjects will be measured by field tests with confirmed metric characteristics. At the same time, the construction of a new specific measuring instrument will begin during the second phase. The third phase of the project includes the testing of metric characteristics of the newly constructed specific field test for assessing anaerobic capacities in kicking combat sports, as well as the selection of the existing tests appropriate for practical application on a specific sample. After the project is finished, selection normative according to sport, gender and age category will be created based on the obtained results.