Talents, cognition, phisical activity and sport (Croatian science fundation)

Key words: talent, talent development, cognition, achievement, physical activity Short sumary Talent identification in sport refers to the process of recognizing the most talented individuals in order to fully develop their potentials. The selection of sport is rarely based on etical principles, children’s personal preferences and predispositions. The objectives of the Project are: 1) To […]

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Sport Against Violence and Exclusion – SAVE (Erasmus +)

Sport Against Violence and Exclusion – SAVE is an Erasmus+ sport project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and its fundamental objectives are the following: to define skills necessary for predicting, avoiding and preventing violence, exclusion an intolerance through sport, and using sport as a ‘tool’ for resolving conflicts resolving conflicts as […]

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